Taxonomy Boot Camp 2010 Presentations

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Taxonomy Boot Camp Warm-Up!
Welcome & Logistics
Keynote: Integrating Folksonomies With Traditional Metadata
Thomas Vander Wal - 3764_Vander_Wal.pdf
Visualizing Taxonomies
Dave Clarke - 3971_Clarke.pdf
Taxonomy 101: Designing & Building Taxonomies
Gary Carlson - 3766_Carlson.pdf
Enterprise Taxonomy: A Vision
Lee Romero - 3767_Romero.pptx
Building a Practical Semantic Framework for Data Integration
Taxonomy Case Studies: SNC-Lavalin Infozone
Michel & Normand - 3769_Michel.pdf
Inter-American Development Bank Institutional Knowledge Repository Controlled Vocabularies
Strand, Busch & Martinez - 3770_Strand.pptx
The Curious Lives of Full-Time Taxonomists
Web Facing Taxonomies vs. Enterprise Taxonomies: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
The Semantic Web: Down to Business
Michael Uschold - 3774_Uschold.pdf
Open-Source Tools for Ontology-Based Knowledge Systems
Jackson & Patel - 3776_Jackson.ppt
Advanced Knowledge Representation for Know-How and Know-What
Tom Reamy - 3777_Reamy.ppt
Automated Profiling & Metadata Generation
Denise A.D. Bedford -
Facilitated Discussion & Day One Wrap-Up
Community Networking Event

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keynote: Knowledge Driven Enterprises: Strategies & Future Focus
Keynote: Exploring Search Frontiers at NASA Langley
Design Patterns for Controlled Vocabularies & Revising Established Taxonomies
Bethany Sehon - 3786_Sehon.pptx
Implementing Terminology Management & Growing a Taxonomy
Michael Pendleton - 3787_Pendleton.ppt
Gary Carlson - 3787_Carlson.pdf
Pecha Kucha: Enterprise Search & Taxonomies
Paul M Rosenburg - Senses and Sensibility.pptx
Heather Hedden - 3789_Hedden.pptx
Taxonomy Design
Global Enterprise Deployment
Taxonomy Management in SharePoint
Wlodarczyk & Carr - 3792_Wlodarczyk.pptx
Chris McNulty - 3792_McNulty.pptx