Jenny Benevento
Freelance Taxonomist
Jenny Benevento has built taxonomies for Associated Press, Sears Holdings Corporation Sears.com/Kmart.com), & other e-commerce and music industry websites.  She tweets @jennybento and blogs at www.jennyjenny.org.

Vivian Bliss
Associate, Taxonomy Strategies
Bob Boiko
Founder & CEO, Metatorial Services, Inc., Senior Lecturer, University of Washington Information School, & Author, The Content Management Bible, Laughing at the CIO, & the upcoming The Structure of Information
Kathryn Brown
Editor, Access Innovations, Inc.
Kathryn Brown is an editor and taxonomist with Access Innovations. In addition to taxonomy and thesaurus creation and maintenance, her job responsibilities include indexing, rule building, and creating and maintaining databases. She has diplomas in nursing and in paralegal studies. As a former nurse and paralegal, Kathy brings her medical and legal knowledge to healthcare-related and legal projects.

Joseph A. Busch
Founder and Principal, Taxonomy Strategies
Mr. Busch is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Taxonomy Strategies. For the past 14 years Taxonomy Strategies has been guiding organizations such as Deloitte, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in developing frameworks that help improve information capture, preservation, search, retrieval, and governance. Before founding Taxonomy Strategies Joseph Busch was:

Vice President for Infoware at Metacode Technologies which was an early developer of commercial semantic technology applications based on latent semantic indexing (LSI) and other methods. Metacode was acquired by Interwoven in 2000.

The Getty's Program Manager for Standards and Research Databases, including the Getty Vocabulary Program from 1993-98. The Getty began publishing the vocabulary resources as linked open data in 2014. 

Mr. Busch is a past President of the Association for Information Science and Technology, and past member of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Executive Committee.

Mrs Beatrice Cacace
Knowledge Manager, Ubisoft Entertainment
Beatrice Cacace is Knowledge Manager at Ubisoft since 2008, in the Group Knowledge Management team. Ubisoft is a video game company of more than 8 000 people, with 26 production studios in 19 countries. Beatrice Cacace leads the KM Group Content Management activity , including the Enterprise Search and the group Tagging referential. The objective of this activity is to ensure that the group key contents are well identified, properly managed (nammed, qualified, stored...) and easily accessible to the teams.


Gary Carlson
Principal Taxonomist, Factor
Gary Carlson brings over 20 years of experience as a taxonomist, consultant, product manager, and information strategist working for small to Fortune 100 companies. The past twelve years have been spent leading information and knowledge management projects and products spanning Taxonomy Tools, Search, SharePoint, Auto-categorization, Expert systems, Content Management, and Governance. Gary is currently focussed on helping companies develop their information infrastructure to meet enterprise goals. He is currently involved in customer facing e-commerce, social media and semantic web technologies.

Suzanne Carroll
Product Manager - Data and Taxonomy, XO Group (The Knot)
Suzanne Carroll leads product design for The Knot's data science and taxonomy teams. As the company's first taxonomist, Suzanne introduced taxonomy driven content publishing to theknot.com and led all user-facing products through designing and implmenting a centralized taxonomy. In addition, she leads product management for our manual data cleansing tool to improve data quality and consistency.

Suzanne holds MSIS from the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. Earlier in her career, Suzanne designed and implemented taxonomy and metadata schemas as a consultant with government, private sector, and non-profit clients; managed the knowledge management system of a large international development firm; and taught computer literacy in West Africa with the Peace Corps.

Dave Clarke
CEO, Synaptica
Dave Clarke is co-founder and CEO of the Synaptica® group of companies, providers of enterprise software solutions for taxonomy and ontology management (www.synaptica.com).  He served on the NISO committee responsible for authoring the 2005 version of the US national standard for controlled vocabularies, ANSI/NISO Z39.19 and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  Dave leads R&D at Synaptica and is currently developing a range of Linked Data software solutions for ontology management, image management and the semantic annotation of content.  Dave is actively involved in educational outreach programs including LD4PE, the Linked Data for Professional Education initiative of DCMI.

Michael Crandall
Senior Lecturer and Director, iAffiliates Program, The Information School, University of Washington
Mike Crandall is a Senior Lecturer in the iSchool, and current director of the iAffiliates program. Prior to coming to the University of Washington, he was technology manager for the US Library program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to the foundation, Mike worked on search technology and knowledge organization for the intranet at Microsoft (MSWeb) and on information architecture and online library services at Boeing. He has served on the Dublin Core Metadata Board of Trustees since its inception in 2001. He is interested in public access computing, ICT in developing countries, metadata and knowledge organization, social dimensions of knowledge transfer and large scale information systems.

Joanne du Hommet
Knowledge Manager, Ubisoft Entertainment, PhD student, Paris 8 University, INDEX-Paragraphe laboratory
Joanne is directly involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of corporate taxonomy and folksonomy withing Ubisoft. For the past 2 years, she has been the corporate tags-onomist for Ubisoft Entertainment. Based in Paris HQ, she is in charge of the evolution of this tool dedicated to knowledge sharing and information retrieval. In the Knowledge Management Group team, she is also in charge of the internal tags support, organises training for tags adoption by employees and ensures that we can « tag » content throughout Ubisoft platforms. Please find: LinkedIn profile: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/joanneduhommet/en Twitter : https://twitter.com/joduho

Bob DuCharme
Technical Writer, Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.
Bob DuCharme is a technical writer at Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc., a research and analytics firm specializing in machine learning and geospatial analytics. He is the author of O'Reilly's "Learning SPARQL" and several books before that from Manning, Prentice Hall, and McGraw-Hill. Earlier in his career Bob did RDF and SPARQL solution architecture at TopQuadrant and data and systems architecture at Moody's Investors Service and LexisNexis. Bob received his BA in Religion from Columbia University and his Masters in Computer Science from New York University.

Seth Earley
CEO, Earley Information Science, & Editor, Data Analytics, IT Professional Magazine

Seth Earley is CEO of Earley & Associates, an information management strategy consulting firm.  Seth also serves as Editor, Data Analytics, for IT Professional Magazine from the IEEE.  His interests include Knowledge Strategy, Data and Information Architecture, Search-based Applications and Information Findability solutions.  Seth has conducted workshops for senior leadership around aligning information management strategy with measurable business outcomes and developed information governance programs for clients in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, insurance, retail, pharmaceutical and financial services industries.  He has worked with a diverse roster of Fortune 1000 companies helping them to achieve higher levels of operating performance by making information more findable, usable and valuable through integrated enterprise architectures supporting analytics, e-commerce and customer experience applications. 

Ashleigh N. Faith
Taxonomy and Document Indexing Manager, Content Management, SAE International, University of Pittsburgh
I am pursuing my PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. My research focuses on ontology visualizationn and machine learning techniques. I have been indexing in archives, museums and libraries for over five years and have been a taxonomist for three years. I am currently employed as the lead taxonomist at SAE International and I am reorganizing and reestablishing their taxonomy and indexing practices. My experience includes automatic indexing practices, machine learning, bilingual taxonomies, visualization, ontologies, and linguistic studies. I am currently serving in an advisory capacity on the NATO Terminology Program reorganization project, My publications and research can be located on my LinkedIn or on my blog.

John Felahi
Founder, JGF Strategies LLC
Mr. Felahi leads a consulting service that provides insightful direction and analysis of business and product plans, messaging and channel strategy to early stage companies and established businesses focused primarily on cognitive computing, information access, search and machine learning based solutions. John has over 25 years of driving product and marketing efforts for innovative companies while holding executive positions. Mr. Felahi was the Chief Strategy Officer for Content Analyst Company, where he was responsible for the company's business strategy, product vision and messaging. John was also at Microsoft Corporation, where he was part of a small team responsible for setting the Office product division's long term product direction and strategy.  Before Microsoft acquired FAST Search & Transfer, John led FAST's OEM business, application product management, was very involved in the acquisition integration efforts and the company's messaging efforts.  In previous positions, he has led the development of innovative products, and their marketing, in digital imaging, advanced operating systems, content management and information access solutions.  In nearly all cases John has been a company spokesperson and has presented at numerous conferences and seminars.  John was a member of the honors program and holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Philosophy from Boston College.

Ann Fellman
Director, Product Marketing, Code42 Software
Kim Glover
Global Manager of Knowledge Management, Global, FMC Technologies
Kim has 25+ years' experience in communications, marketing, project management and knowledge management, and is the Manager of Knowledge Management for FMC Technologies, a winner of the 2013 Americas Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) award. Previously, she spearheaded the Knowledge Management Office for Aspen Technology, Inc., which earned the "The Most Valuable Intranet of 2012" from the Worldwide Intranet Challenge benchmarking survey. A frequent speaker at knowledge management and quality conferences, Kim has led various global initiatives that enable continuous improvement and is skilled in the deployment of knowledge management and communications processes and tools to achieve business benefit.

Ruven Gotz
Director, Collaboration, Avanade, Microsoft SharePoint MVP
Ruven Gotz is a Director with Avanade, Microsoft’s Global Partner. As a Microsoft SharePoint MVP with over 20 years of IT industry experience, Ruven has spent the past nine years delivering award-winning SharePoint solutions for a wide range of clients. Working as a Business Analyst and Information Architect, Ruven is able to apply his eclectic education and varied experience in Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, Software Development and Training to get to the heart of complex problems. Ruven is a great communicator who is able to discuss technology concepts in language that is relevant to his audience, whether they are from IT or business. He has become a leader in the use of visual tools to help his clients and team members achieve shared understanding of problems and goals and shared commitment towards implementing a successful solution. Ruven recently authored “Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture” (Apress) Ruven lives in Toronto, Canada. On Tuesday nights in the summer, you’ll find him racing his 24’ sailboat ‘In the Groove’ Ruven’s blog is at http://spinsiders.com/ruveng and you can follow him on Twitter at @RuvenG.

Heather Hedden
Senior Vocabulary Editor, Cengage Learning
Heather Hedden is a senior vocabulary editor at Gale/Cengage Learning, a position that she held from 1996 to 2004, when the company was a division of Thomson Learning, and to which she returned in 2014. In the intervening decade, she worked as a taxonomist at various employers and as an independent taxonomy consultant (Hedden Information Management). At Cengage, Heather manages controlled vocabularies for the indexing and retrieval of Gale research database content and taxonomies for educational products. She has taught online workshops in taxonomy creation through the continuing education program of Simmons College School of Library and Information Science and the American Society for Indexing and is the author of The Accidental Taxonomist (Information Today Inc.).

Carol Hert
Senior Consultant, Factor
Carol has over 25 years experience as an information professional with specific expertise in taxonomies, semantic modeling, business analysis, user experience and usability methodologies, and technical training. Prior to joining Factor, she was a Senior Consultant at Gary Carlson Consulting and SchemaLogic Inc. where she was responsible for post-sales customer engagements with a focus on data modeling, taxonomy development, management, and governance.

Marjorie M.K. Hlava
President & Chairman, Access Innovations, Inc., Data Harmony My blog is TaxoDiary.com
Marjorie Hlava's research areas include productivity of content creation, information access governance layer through automated indexing, thesaurus development, taxonomy creation, natural language processing, machine translations, knowledge organization systems (KOS) and implementation in production, search and web instances. Hlava is Founding Chair of the SLA Taxonomy Division, and President of Access Innovations, Inc. She has created over 100 thesauri and taxonomies and worked with more than 600 in the process of over 2000 engagments. She is active in standards development, including Z39.19/2005 Controlled Vocabulary, Z39.84 Dublin Core and the NISO Content Board for NISO. Her blog, www.taxodiary.com, covers news trends opinions in the taxonomy and metadata space.

 http ://www.accessinn.com/about_us/Management_team.html

Richard Iams
Information Architect, The Eliassen Group
Mr. Iams provides strategic guidance for information system projects in a variety of integrated software and hardware environments. He focuses on deploying solutions that improve organizational collaboration and content discovery- including business taxonomy and metadata design, portal technology deployment, content management, search and content analytics. He designs implementation, governance and process improvement strategies supporting changes to the business and technical environment.

Ann Jacklin
Sr. Product Analyst, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Ann Jacklin, a Sr. Product Analyst at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, has spent the last five years immersed in SharePoint through a variety of roles. She has developed expertise security management, web application development, and collaborative environments. Years of SharePoint administration has led her to her current role leveraging MMS to deliver an enterprise taxonomy supporting both content and people through a fully integrated intranet experience. New to the field of taxonomy design and management, she is a lifelong learner who has found her niche.

When not clutching a mouse, Ann spends time in the saddle training jumpers and raising her young son.

Mr Robert Kasenchak Jr
Director of Business Development, Access Innovations
Bob Kasenchak directs business development activities at Access Innovations in Albuquerque, NM, including solutions architecture and taxonomy project design. Current research interests include the intersection of Linked Data and taxonomies, Smart Data, and the Semantic Web. In previous lives, Bob studied classics and music theory at St. John's College, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the University of Texas.

Kamran Khan
President & CEO, Search Technologies
Kamran Khan is the Founder, President and CEO of Search Technologies. He has been developing, supporting, selling and managing in the computer software / services industry for 25 years.  For most of that time he's been focused on search engine technology. Kamran was Senior VP of Worldwide Sales at Excalibur Technologies during its 1990s, building a $50 million international software licensing business with RetrievalWare.  A native of Manchester, UK, but now a naturalized US citizen, Kamran provides the company with straight-talking, pragmatic leadership.  Kamran graduated from the University of Manchester with an honors degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Branka Kosovac
Founder and Primary Consultant, dotWit Consulting
Dr. Branka Kosovac has over fifteen years of experience developing and implementing complex taxonomies in a variety of business and technical contexts—from those supporting integration of enterprise information or navigation in large web catalogs to those enabling contextual ad placement and extraction of intelligence from chat forums or heterogeneous content. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, international organizations, government agencies, and mid-size enterprises across North America and European Union. Branka has developed methodologies and built taxonomy practice for larger consulting companies and taught as Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia. She holds an MLIS degree and PhD in Engineering.
Mr. Ahren E Lehnert
Manager, Data Taxonomy & Governance, Clorox
Ahren Lehnert is an information management professional with over ten years’ experience in taxonomy, search, and content and records management. He has developed enterprise and eCommerce taxonomies in a consulting capacity for clients in a broad range of industries. Ahren is now the Manager, Data Taxonomy & Governance at The Clorox Company, a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products based in Oakland, California. He is currently responsible for taxonomy development and management in the Marketing and Analytics departments which will expand to the enterprise and include related capabilities such as auto-categorization, search, text analytics, and digital asset and content management.

Ben Licciardi
Manager, PwC
Mr. Licciardi is a Manager at PwC with over 10 years of experience in information management, information architecture, taxonomy and metadata design, and search strategy. He has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to develop user-friendly and effective information retrieval systems ranging from document and records management systems to e-commerce websites. Mr. Licciardi also has experience developing and refining information governance strategies.

John Magee
Director, Indexing & Vocabulary Services, Cengage Learning
Seth Maislin
Principal Consultant, Digital Transformation, Earley Information Science
Seth Maislin is a principal consultant in taxonomy and information management at Earley Information Science. For more than 20 years he has demonstrated strengths in classification and taxonomy, content modeling, information architecture, search, and usability. He has dedicated the last 10+ years to providing sustaining information management solutions to clients facing real and complex findability challenges. He has helped companies such as Motorola, Walmart, Consumer Reports, The Hartford Insurance Group, Hasbro, Corning, Staples, and The Legal Defense Fund develop content and governance frameworks for keeping internal and external web content environments both competitive and in the forefront of their business strategies

Mr Daniel Mayer
CEO, Expert System Enterprise

Daniel Mayer is VP of Product & Marketing at TEMIS, the leading provider of semantic content enrichment solutions for the Enterprise. In this capacity he is responsible for shaping and promoting TEMIS's flagship Luxid® product range and its roadmap with a particular focus on Information Management applications. Prior to joining TEMIS, Daniel served for the past 15 years in a variety of marketing and product strategy functions throughout the IT value chain.

Daniel holds Masters degrees in Business and Computer Science from HEC, and ENST, France.

Maureen McClarnon
Metadata Architect, Cengage Learning
Maureen McClarnon is the Metadata Architect at Cengage Learning; she started there in 2008 as a Senior Vocabulary Editor. Holding an MIS from UNC-CH, and an MA and ABD in Sociology at Duke, she maintains a fondness for mindless acronyms, which serves her well in the corporate world. Maureen lives in San Jose in the attic of an historic Victorian house with her dog and two cats. 

Chris McNulty
CTO, Dell
Chris McNulty is CTO, Windows Systems Management at Dell Software, where he oversees solutions for SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer and related technologies. He’s a Microsoft SharePoint MVP, MCTS, MCSE, MSA and MVTSP.  A frequent speaker at events around the globe, Chris is the author of the “SharePoint 2013 Consultant’s Handbook” among other books.  He also blogs at http://www.chrismcnulty.net/blog.  Previously, Chris led the SharePoint consulting practice at KMA, a Boston based Microsoft Gold Partner.   He holds an MBA in Investment Management from Boston College and has over twenty years’ experience in financial services technology with John Hancock, State Street, GMO and Santander. He lives with his wife Hayley, and his family in Milton, Massachusetts, USA.

Nicco Mele
Co-Founder, EchoDitto, and Faculty, Harvard Kennedy School, & Author, The End of Big

NICCO MELE – entrepreneur, angel investor, and consultant to Fortune 1000 companies – is one of America’s leading forecasters of business, politics, and culture in our fast-moving digital age. 

Born to Foreign Service parents, Nicco spent his early years in Asia and Africa before graduating from the College of William and Mary in Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in government. He then worked for several high-profile advocacy organizations where he pioneered the use of social media as a galvanizing force for fundraising. As webmaster for Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid, Nicco and the campaign team popularized the use of technology and social media that revolutionized political fundraising and reshaped American politics. Subsequently, he co-founded EchoDitto, a leading internet strategy and consulting firm, whose non-profit and corporate clients have included Barack Obama’s successful Senate campaign, the Clinton Global Initiative, Sierra Club, UN World Food Programme, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, AARP, and Medco. Nicco is also on the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School where he teaches graduate-level classes on the internet and politics.

Nicco’s first book, The End of Big: How The Internet Makes David The New Goliath, was published by St. Martin’s Press in April 2013. In it, he explores the consequences of living in a socially-connected society, drawing upon his years of experience as an innovator in politics and technology.

Since his early days as one of Esquire Magazine’s “Best and Brightest” in America, Nicco has been a sought-after innovator, media commentator, and speaker. He serves on a number of private and non-profit boards, including the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and Breakthrough.tv. Nicco is also co-founder of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

For more, including the latest resources to help you start managing the “end of big” in your work and community, visit NiccoMele.com.

Myles Miller
CEO & Founder, SuccessHQ
CEO and Founder, LeadUP (www.leadup.biz) & LearningBreaks (www.learningbreaks.com ) & SUCCESSHQ (www.successhq.net) Myles has led corporations and non-profit organizations to new heights and enhanced abilities through online and in classroom professional development training. His customized online training center solutions have provided developmental skills to thousands of individuals. Myles has 30 years experience in the project management field, across multiple industries including retail, defense, state and federal government and most recently hospitality. During his varied career, he has led projects ranging in budgetary size from $100K to $500B. His team leadership has impacted national and international companies, governments and non-profit organizations.

Nancy Murray
Associate Director of Metadata, Content Management, ITHAKA/JSTOR, American Society for Indexing
Nancy Murray is the Associate Director, Metadata for JSTOR. Nancy has coordinated the digitization of Special Collections, the creation of MARC records for JSTOR Books, and managed the Metadata Librarians who create metadata capture guidelines and cataloging. Nancy received her Master’s in Information Science from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Archives Management. Prior to working at JSTOR, Nancy managed the digitization of historical newspapers at ProQuest, was a Project Manager of online health behavior products at HealthMedia, and Online Editing Coordinator at The University of Michigan Press.

Dr. Brandon Olson
Associate Professor, School of Business and Technology, College of St. Scholastica
Dr. Brandon Olson holds a PhD in Information Technology with a specialization in Project Management.  Dr. Olson is an Associate Professor and director of graduate programs in the School of Business and Technology at The College of St. Scholastica.  In his role he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and leads graduate programs in IT Leadership and the new Master's degree program in Project Management.  Prior to his tenure at the St. Scholasatica, he was employed as a project manager leading software development projects in the business services, telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceutical fields.

William Pieser
VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Pingar
Tom Reamy
Chief Knowledge Architect, KAPS Group
Tom Reamy is currently the Chief Knowledge Architect and founder of KAPS Group, a group of knowledge architecture, taxonomy, and text analytics consultants. Tom has 20 years' of experience in information architecture, intranet management and consulting, and text analytics.

Tom’s academic background includes a Masters in the History of Ideas, research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and a strong background in philosophy, particularly epistemology.  He has published articles in various journals and is a frequent speaker at knowledge management conferences. He is the author of a new book on text analytics: Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big Data

When not writing or developing KM projects, he can usually be found at the bottom of the ocean in Carmel taking photos of strange creatures.

Dr Anthony Rhem PhD
CEO/Chief Scientist, Tacit Ware, Inc., Knowledge Systems Institute
Dr. Anthony J Rhem, PhD. is an Information Systems professional with thirty (30) years of experience. Dr. Rhem currently serves as the CEO/Chief Scientist of Tacit Ware, Inc., a Knowledge Management Software located in Chicago, Illinois. As a Knowledge Management (KM) consultant and software engineer Dr. Rhem has worked with fortune 500 corporations in retail, communications, financial, Insurance and the military (US Army and US Air Force) in implementing KM programs, policies and developing KM software solutions. As a KM Instructor for the Knowledge Management Institute, Dr. Rhem has trained hundreds of personnel across many government and military agencies in the principles, practice and application of KM. As a professor at the Knowledge Systems Institute (KSI) Dr. Rhem has designed a series of Knowledge Management courses and delivered instruction within KSI’s Computer Science Masters program. Dr Rhem’s advisory work includes being a member of the Board of Trustees at The Knowledge Systems Institute, the Industry Advisory Board – International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE), The Technology Council of Advisors for the Gerson Lehman Group, and Member of the National Science Foundation SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Review Panel. Dr. Rhem is actively involved with the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I and Phase II grant funding process as a review panelist since 2004. As a Principle Investigator Dr. Rhem has been awarded a SBIR phase I grant and has participated in several research projects successfully commercializing software methodologies, and software products.
Hannah Rubin
Information Research Specialist, Congressional Research Service
Michael Rudy
VP Business Imagineering, Factor
Michael represents over 20 years of executive experience delivering content related solutions. As COO at SchemaLogic, a provider of enterprise taxonomy and metadata software, he led the delivery team for IBM, Reed Business, Disney, AP, and others. Michael has also served as VP Alliances and Services for Stellent (now Oracle Content Management); CEO of Hypertree (software for organizing enterprise content); and VP Technology for Workgroup Technology (one of the first content management companies). Earlier in his career, Michael was Director of IT for ELDEC, an aerospace manufacturer, where he had the opportunity to pioneer an enterprise, digital art-to-part manufacturing system. Michael received his BA in Computer Science from Ohio State University.
Dan Segal
Senior Taxonomist, MEI
Dan Segal is a Senior Taxonomist with Marcinko Enterprises, Inc.  Dan has over 15 years of experience as a practitioner and consultant in the areas of taxonomy and ontology development, knowledge management, content management, online searching, and information retrieval and analysis.  He has designed and delivered semantic solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and media, as well as for the government and nonprofit sectors.  Prior to joining MEI, Dan was Manager of Taxonomy Delivery at Dow Jones Client Solutions and Associate Director of Information and Knowledge Integration at Bristol-Myers Squibb.  He holds BS and MLS degrees from Rutgers University.

Chrystie Stachura
Product Specialist, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Kyle Stannert
Assistant Director - City Clerk's Office, Public Records, City of Bellevue

Kyle Stannert joined the City of Bellevue as Public Records Manager in April 2006 after spending six years as a records contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency Region X office. Kyle began his career in records management after studying in the Western Washington University Master’s degree program in Archives and Records Management. His program focus currently includes supporting SharePoint as a platform for organizational collaboration, communication and content management.

Jim Sweeney
Product Manager, Synaptica, LLC
Jim Sweeney is the Product Manager for Synaptica LLC, overseeing product development, project management, and customer sales and support services for the Synaptica suite of Knowledge Organization Systems software. Jim has been with the Synaptica team since 2005.  

Ralph Tamlyn
Principal, Taxonomy and Classification Metadata Consulting, IEEE, SLA, (ACBL as a hobby)
Ralph Tamlyn was a senior consulting IT architect at IBM. Having retired, he is now an independent consultant.  Mr. Tamlyn has been working with content management and delivery systems for most of the last 20 years. His focus has been the taxonomies, ontologies, and navigation hierarchies to classify, manage, organize, integrate, and deliver that content efficiently and seamlessly. His focus on taxonomies led him to develop a set of best practices for managing taxonomies and a complementary set of best practices for the classification metadata in which the taxonomies are used. Mr. Tamlyn was lead taxonomist for IBM's CIO Enterprise Solutions and Web Enablement team. In that role, he was responsible for unifying IBM taxonomies for all internal and external web content. He and his teammates were responsible for establishing the larger strategy to develop processes, governance, and tools to reach that unification goal. In his consulting work, Ralph is now the corporate taxonomist for a majoe pharmaceutical / life sciences company.

John Matthew Upton
Principal Consultant, ByteManagers
John Matthew Upton is an information science professional that specializes in defining information architecture to support the end-user.  He has experience in a broad range of technical disciplines, including the creation of controlled vocabularies, taxonomy/ontology management, metadata schemas and faceted classification. His past projects span data management implementations for multinational companies, including several Fortune 100 and 500 companies.


JM has a BA in English from the University of Virginia.


Dr. Daniel Joseph Vasicek
Programmer, Access Innovations, Inc., SIAM
Daniel Vasicek spent more than 25 years as an applied mathematician, computer scientist, engineer, and geophysicist with British Petroleum and 6 years studying laser communications with the US Air Force. Daniel received his bachelor’s and master’s in engineering from Purdue University, before earning his doctorate in aerospace engineering sciences from the University of Colorado. Daniel is a member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Zachary R Wahl
President, Enterprise Knowledge
Zach Wahl is the founder and President of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC.  Enterprise Knowledge is focused on the delivery of innovative knowledge management solutions with a focus on taxonomy, governance, and strategic road mapping. He is an expert and frequent speaker on the topics of Taxonomy Design, Knowledge Management, and Information Governance. He focuses on the design and deployment of information managment technologies and systems including portals, collaboration tools, wikis, and other social computing products. In addition, Mr. Wahl has designed his own series of workshops on the topics of Information Management System Best Practices, Taxonomy Design, and eGovernance. Mr. Wahl has managed the deployment of over 70 information management systems in both the public and private sectors. 

Bram Wessel
Principal, Factor
Informed by more than two decades of practice in user-centered design and research, Bram Wessel passionately believes that technology is not an end in itself but that it should enable natural experiences for actual humans. The broad theme that emerges from user research is that we care about the utility and quality of our experience, not just well-designed user interfaces. Bram is dedicated to “getting technology out of our way.” Bram has delivered successful digital experience designs and strategies for high-impact brands and institutions such as Adobe, Amazon, City of Seattle, Disney, Expedia, Gracenote, GE, Group Health, Intel, MasterCard, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Real, Safeco, Sony, Starbucks, Technicolor, THX, Universal, Volvo, Vulcan, UW Medicine, Warner, and many others. Bram balances his practice with advocacy for the discipline through frequent authorship of articles on user-centered design and creative management theory, and frequent speaking engagements at conferences, workshops and graduate classes in human-centered design as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington’s MCDM and MLIS programs. He is a member of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI).