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Mike Doane

Information School
University of Washington
Term Management, LLC

Picture of Mike DoaneMike Doane is the principal owner of Term Management, LLC. He is a senior level consultant with 18+ years in information management, with a deep background in information science and content management. In his role as an information management consultant, Mike works with clients to solve develop taxonomies and ontologies for use in managing metadata within intranets, extranets, portals and other enterprise content management systems. He specializes in developing and maintaining taxonomies in SharePoint 2010.

Mike has experiences working with all types of vertical businesses and industries, such as legal, retail, pharma, energy and information technology. He has developed taxonomies for Microsoft, Del Monte, NASA-JSC, Expedia, UW Medicine, Sterling Savings Bank, First Mutual Bank, KCLS, Nike, Philip Morris, VISA and Washington Mutual.

Mike also teaches graduate courses in knowledge management,  information management and taxonomy development at the University  of Washington Information School.

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