Update on Taxonomy Boot Camp London's programme

17 May 2017

Building the 2017 Taxonomy Boot Camp London programme -
Insights from Conference Chair, Helen Lippell

Now that we’re in the process of creating the programme, we thought we’d share some ‘behind the scenes’ insight into our work. It’s shaping up to be a very exciting conference.

We received dozens of top quality submissions. For this reason, I work with a committee of trusted peers to review them, so that there is a range of experiences and perspectives feeding into the selection. If it was only one person getting to choose who’s included, their own interests might dominate, but we want to present the full gamut of applications of taxonomies. These days, this covers a lot of uses, sectors and technologies; everything from intranets to artificial intelligence is up for consideration.

The taxonomy world is small relative to other fields, which makes it important to get a good balance between potential speakers that I know personally (and/or people who have spoken at TBC London before), and people I don’t know. This event is for the whole community, and I want to give as many people as possible the chance to participate.

An important issue in technology is that of gender balance. Some organisations have policies stating they will not appear at events or on panels which do not have a fair representation of women. Taxonomy Boot Camp London does not have explicit policies but we are keen to build on our inaugural year which saw a good balance of male and female participation (including speakers, moderators and organisers).

Another area I care about is getting a reasonable balance between practitioners, consultants and vendors. I think our field is blessed with great speakers in all these categories who all have unique, important ideas to share.

Finally, I’ll be curating all the accepted talks into time slots – this is the part of the job where I will need to lie down in a darkened room afterwards! I need to take into account themes, beginners v advanced levels, time for Q&As and more. Most importantly, I need to ensure everyone gets enough time for coffee breaks.

We will be publishing the programme very soon, so stay tuned!

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