15 August 2018

Knowledge architect and Boot Camp Keynoter Tom Reamy explains why taxonomies are essential to our organisations.

  “Even though taxonomies continue to grow in popularity and status, there are still many organisations whose C-Level officers remain unconvinced of their value.  This is particularly true for technical companies who often believe that the software can do it all without the need for humans or such intellectual structures as taxonomies or ontologies. 

  “So, how do you make the case for taxonomies to all the myriad audiences?  Start with no one size fits all, make the usual ROI calculations, add in stories of successes and more importantly the spectacular failures of the cost of not having taxonomies, and enlist champions within the organisation. 

  “But finally, the best argument is that organising the intellectual property of an organisation is as essential as organising the company into departments and roles.   It makes no sense not to do it.”
  Tom Reamy, Knowledge Architect, KAPS Group

Taxonomy Boot Camp London delivers taxonomy implementation guidance and how-to’s to anyone managing or categorising content and information, whatever your level of expertise. Full programme and registration here.

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