21 September 2018

If anyone had told me a few years ago that in 2018 I’d be gearing up to open the third Taxonomy Boot Camp London, and that it would be one of the leading taxonomy events in the world, I’d have probably said they were a bit crazy. And yet here we are once more with a packed programme of the very best doers and thinkers, ready to share their experiences and insights.

Although taxonomists like to categorise things, something that can be hard to categorise is taxonomists themselves. People come to this field from many different backgrounds, and in my experience, tend to be curious about, and interested in, everything. These strengths mean that it was agonising for us to choose the winners of our inaugural awards from a strong set of nominations in both categories. Those winners will be announced during Taxonomy Boot Camp London.

The overarching theme of this year’s conference is about celebrating how taxonomies are now proving to be indispensable business assets. They are being used in a vast range of applications supporting websites, intranets, search engines, archives, start-ups, knowledge management scientific research, digital publishing and much more.

As in previous years, there are parallel A and B tracks where A track sessions are intended to be more suitable for those who are brand new and less experienced, while B track sessions are broadly meant for the more advanced practitioners. But every single speaker has something valuable to share. To pick a few examples, if you’re looking for advice on taxonomy software, governance case studies, information architecture tips, or to find out what machine learning is all about, then we’ve got you covered. There is still time to register here and our multi delegate discounts offer true value, giving 40% discount to the second (and subsequent) delegates registering from the same organisation.

I'm looking forward to another really great conference.

Helen Lippell, Programme Chair, Taxonomy Boot Camp London
Taxonomy, Metadata & Search Consultant, UK

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