18 March 2019

Have you seen our call for papers? Boot Camp Programme Chair Helen Lippell gives you a few pointers for submitting an idea before the submissions deadline of 5 April.

What are we looking for?

Our core interest is, of course, taxonomies, and particularly case studies. I know from my own experience that every project is unique, even though it seems that every organisation struggles with findability, search, poor metadata and so on. Your perspective on your work is also unique.

What if my project didn't go very well, or hasn't finished yet?

That's okay too - you don't need to share the messy details. What's interesting to our attendees is how you dealt with problems or uncertainty. Our taxonomists can learn from your experiences and insights.

What else are you interested in hearing about?

Taxonomy Boot Camp London is for anyone who uses taxonomies and other knowledge models. Therefore we're keen to hear about search projects, data ethics, ontologies and knowledge graphs, as well as all our usual themes.

How do I submit?

Our submission form is short and easy to use. You are welcome to get in touch before submitting if you'd like to discuss an idea or check anything. Our email address is TBCL-Speakers@infotoday.com



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