5 June 2019

Europe's only dedicated annual conference for taxonomy practitioners, Taxonomy Boot Camp London, has just trailed news of its October keynotes. 

“That word you keep using? I don’t think you know what it means.”
Emma Chittenden, Information Architect
Angels Playing Skittles, UK
Whatever kind of taxonomy you are working with, the choices of label are absolutely crucial. Ambiguity, hidden context, multiple meanings and unconscious bias may all come into play for the unwary taxonomist. Emma's strategic and down-to-earth talk will help you make good choices.

The ethics of structured information
Nick Poole, Chief Executive
Data ethics has justifiably become one of the hottest topics in technology. It is more important than ever that our
community demand that information is created and managed according to ethical objectives, and with an awareness of the risk of bias. Nick is in the vanguard of industry efforts to address the implications of bias in structured information, and his talk is a wide-ranging overview of what our profession can do about it.

The full Boot Camp agenda is available here.

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