Making it Real: Getting Value, Support & Usage from Taxonomies

Making content discoverable is the job of a well-constructed, robust taxonomy — and a mission-critical objective for today’s organizations. Designed,developed, implemented,and managed effectively,a taxonomy or categorization scheme ensures people are finding and using precise information in myriad internal data collections and websites.

Now in its 6th year, Taxonomy Boot Camp has proven to be an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in 2 days of tightly integrated, interactive sessions with some of the leading practitioners and thought leaders in taxonomies. Sessions and speakers will explore the state of taxonomies and the technologies involved, and challenge you to consider how taxonomies and information organization approaches are evolving – and where you’ll fit in that future. The program highlights case studies, practical and thought-engaging sessions on ontologies, folksonomies, taxonomies in Sharepoint, lessons learned, metrics, demonstrating value, governance, and taxonomy management. Join others working in content management,taxonomies,knowledge management,information architecture,or any information-rich function for informative, insightful discussions.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is packed with practical advice for taxonomy specialists about tools, products, and technology for categorization options, along with information about how to choose, develop, deploy, and maintain the right categorizer for specific business needs.

At Taxonomy Boot Camp 2010 attendees will learn about:

  • Creating and implementing successful taxonomies
  • Enhancing your information infrastructure with the right taxonomy
  • Taxonomy design concepts and strategies
  • New technologies & tools and where the market is headed
  • Selecting the right metadata, taxonomy approach, and tools for your environment
  • Evaluating auto-categorization schemes and tools
  • Managing the build, buy, or automate decision
  • Working collaboratively with your content and stakeholders
  • Case studies,lessons learned, and best practices
  • Measuring and demonstrating the business impact and ROI
  • Managing and growing a taxonomy

What People Were Saying:

“Excellent! Best conference I’ve attended in the last 5 years.”

“Excellent! Will recommend my employer send attendees next year.”

“This boot camp was extremely well run, and all the speakers taught me a lot!”

“This was a fantastic conference. Very pleased and will definitely come back.”

“The binder materials were extremely helpful and well put together.”

“Great conference!” “The conference was excellent.” “Good conference!”

“My brain is full!”

“Excellent, well-organized conference. Expert speakers. Good opportunities for networking.”

Who Should Attend?

  • Taxonomists
  • Content managers
  • Information architects
  • Information professionals
  • Knowledge engineers
  • Information scientists
  • Intranet/portal developers
  • Content classification specialists
  • Anyone responsible for categorizing, organizing or managing content

Keynote Speakers

Thomas Vander Wal
Sr. Consultant

Thomas A Stewart
Chief Marketing & Knowledge Officer
Booz & Company
Former Editor & Managing Director, Harvard Business Review

Manjula Ambur
Information Management Branch Chief
Office of the CIO
NASA Langley Research Center

Conference Chairs

Rebecca Jones
LLEAD Institute
Partner Emeritus, Dysart & Jones Associates
Michael Crandall
Principal Research Scientist
Information School
University of Washington Information School