Ghislain Atemezing

R&D Director
Research and Innovation
Mondeca - Paris, France

Picture of Ghislain AtemezingDr. Ghislain Atemezing obtained a PhD in computer science from Telecom ParisTech (France) and is a recognized expert in ontology web language, semantic technologies and triple store systems. He joined Mondeca (a software company based in Paris, France) in 2015. Ghislain heads up Mondeca's knowledge engineering practice (graph database expertise, data modeling and transformation, LOD querying and scraping) and helps enrich our clients’ data sets with linked open data. Ghislain is also in charge of promoting, supporting and curating the Linked Open Vocabularies initiative (, the reusable linked vocabularies ecosystem shared by ontology experts around the globe. Main work on projects include ontology modeling, RDF stores benchmarking, text analytics, data model validation and fine tuning, linked open data querying, scraping and clean up (e.g. from such as Geonames, DBpedia, Wikidata, etc.).

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