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Madonnalisa Chan

UX/IA Consultant
Madonnalisa Chan Consulting, LLC

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Madonnalisa is a consultant in content and user experience, focusing on strategic design for brands and applications. She partners with businesses to identify challenges, create solutions, and help them achieve their goals. For 20 years, she has come alongside clients in cross-functional teams to build innovative products in fast-paced environments and achieve measurable results.

She specializes in market analysis, qualitative and quantitative user research, business analysis, and content strategy. She also provides technical insights for search and content/digital assets management, workflow and governance recommendations, product and project management, and team training through presentations, workshops, and documentation.

Madonnalisa’s goal with every project is to invest in the people she’s working with and act as a bridge between groups, both to facilitate communication within teams and to provide strategic solutions, not only for the project at hand but also for the business at large. Transparency, integrity, and relationship-building operate at the core of everything she does.

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