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Theresa Putkey

Content Strategist
Key Pointe Consulting

Picture of Theresa PutkeyTheresa Putkey applies content strategy, IA, and taxonomy to solve problems within a content management or digital asset management environment. With more than 15 years experience, Theresa brings a valuable external perspective to each project. She holds a Master’s of Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. She began her career in content management as a technical support analyst, and then moved into technical writing. Now as a content strategist, she applies her skills and passion for content and structure to produce great user experiences that meet business needs.

She also has a long track record of helping others develop their careers and education. She has volunteered for the Big Sisters Study Buddy program and for Mosaic BC’s Workplace Connections to help new immigrants establish careers in Canada. She frequently coaches and mentors peers and more junior colleagues in content strategy skills. Education and mentoring are keys to opening doors for oneself and she works hard to support others in this.

She focuses on bridging the communication chasm between business leaders and developers and acts as a liaison between stakeholder groups with divergent interests and drivers. After seeing so much conflict and unresolved issues in the workplace (and the world), Theresa wanted to improve her facilitation and conflict resolution skills. She has taken numerous facilitation classes and is actively pursuing a certificate in conflict resolution. If she can bring a little bit of understanding to the world, she’s made her contribution.

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