Alexandre Ausio Rodriguez

Knowledge Representation Specialist (KRS)
Elsevier, Spain

I’m Alexandre Ausió Rodríguez, Knowledge Representation Specialist (KRS), at EMMeT ((Elsevier's Merged Medical Taxonomy), in Elsevier.

I’m a Pharmacist, born and living in Barcelona, who has worked many years in Scientific area of Pharmaceutical industry and Retail Pharmacy (Spain, Ireland and UK). Some years ago, because of my job, I was travelling a lot. Then became father for first time, meaning I wasn’t seeing my daughter growing up. So, it became a priority to change my life and career.  In 2015, moved into something weird area called Taxonomy, in Elsevier. Specifically, in EMMeT department (Elsevier's Merged Medical Taxonomy), in charge of Spanish area of their medical ontology. After more than a year struggling to understand what was the purpose of what I was doing, I can say now everything makes sense, and it was an excellent decision. I can proudly say, our taxonomy has become a key asset in the company, not only for ClinicalKey, but for different projects.

Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2019