15 - 16 October 2019 | Olympia London
London, UK
....A good blend of expert industry folk and people at the coalface.       ....I am new to this area of work and left with a lot of things to think about.       ....It's already the only one in Europe which makes it pretty hard to beat!       ....I think it is a must attend event.       ....keep up the wide range of talks and workshops.       ....It was a really enjoyable and practical, useful conference.        ....definitely a good balance between different types of session, a good mix of attendees, and friendly size.        ....I have been to this bootcamp once before and i think it is fantastic.        ....I learned a lot and was totally inspired at least once in most of the talks.        ....In fact, it is a must right now.

And it's a wrap! Thanks for making this year's Boot Camp so successful. Check back here for 2020 dates soon.

2019 Keynotes

Emma Chittenden Nick Poole

Emma Chittenden
Angels Playing Skittles

Nick Poole

Whether you're a taxonomy beginner or a seasoned info pro, join us for:

ESSENTIAL TIPS you can start applying right away to managing your taxonomy

NEW APPROACHES to dealing with common issues like business buy-in, and governance

LATEST TAXONOMY APPLICATIONS including blockchain, AI, and machine learning

HOW TO make the most of cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading software 

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