We're delighted to announce the winners of Boot Camp's 2020 Awards

Taxonomy Practitioner of the Year - Melody Allsebrook, Historic England

We were really impressed with the work Melody has done to build relationships within Historic England, during a year when lockdown made face-to-face workshops impossible. She ran dozens of virtual sessions, making use of different tools and channels, in order to explain the need for good information management, and to develop the Business Classification Scheme (BCS) as a user-centred and accurate representation of what the organisation does. 

The BCS is the foundation for being able to manage enterprise information appropriately, especially with an upcoming rollout of SharePoint. The work also had the effect of significantly raising awareness of the value of information and records management, again, not a straightforward thing to do when normal ways of working have been disrupted so much.

Taxonomy Success of the Year - EMIS News Topic Clustering Project

The work led by EMIS Executive Editor Petia Krasteva stood out for its use of machine learning to quickly identify topics within news content about coronavirus. Topics are identified through a clustering algorithm and inserted into a flexible taxonomy. Improving the user experience was also a key part of the project. EMIS implemented an interface that enabled users to browse individual topics and find all the relevant content associated with those topics.

The project took 6 months from beginning to end, which is admirable for completely new AI-driven functionality, and useful for a business trying to deliver timely information to its customers.

Thanks to all those who nominated in this year's Boot Camp Awards.
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