Your taxonomy challenges resolved, right here.
....A good blend of expert industry folk and people at the coalface.    ....I am new to this area of work and left with a lot of things to think about.    ....It's already the only one in Europe which makes it pretty hard to beat!    ....I think it is a must attend event.

Boot Camp's first-ever virtual session in October 2020 set the pace for our 2021 virtual conference with a lively discussion about the future for taxonomies and ontologies, and our roles within them.
Watch the webinar.

Wherever you are in the world, whether you're a taxonomy beginner or a seasoned info pro, join us for:

ESSENTIAL TIPS for managing your taxonomy
NEW APPROACHES to dealing with common issues like business buy-in and governance
LATEST TAXONOMY APPLICATIONS including blockchain, AI, and machine learning
HOW TO make the most of cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading software 

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