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Jonathan Engel

Information Architect
InfoArk, UK

Picture of Jonathan EngelJonathan specialises in digital information management and content tagging to improve navigation, search and delivery. He’s built and implemented content classification and information management systems for UK government agencies, global companies and influential charities. 
His projects have covered media, financial services, telecoms, health care, law and consumer products. They’ve involved content management systems such as Microsoft’s SharePoint, metadata stores like MarkLogic, automated classification and vocabulary management software from SmartLogic, Expert System and Concept Searching, and business intelligence solutions using Oracle.
He spent much of his 30-year career at Reuters, where he devised the classification and metadata scheme for its multimedia news and data products. He now runs his own information architecture consultancy, InfoArk, whose wide-ranging clients have included Unilever, Cambridge University, Dow Jones, Times Newspapers, the UK Care Quality Commission, the NHS in Scotland, law firm Clifford Chance, agribusiness company Syngenta, the Department for International Development, Oxfam International and online retailer Shop Direct Group.

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