Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp London Speakers & Moderators

Michele Lamorte

Consultant Taxonomist

Picture of Michele LamorteMichele Lamorte is a librarian, consultant taxonomist, and digital asset librarian. She graduated from Queens College (CUNY) with a Masters in Library Science and has worked in many types of libraries (public, academic, special, corporate). She has pivoted to the “other side”, however, and has been working in the corporate space for 10 years with taxonomy and data in various capacities from New York, to Texas, to California, and now Washington. Data has always been important but companies are now seeing that taxonomy and data are products they need to manage in new ways. As a taxonomist and data SME, Michele has focused on leveraging her experience and background to help companies better understand and manage their data. 

Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2023