Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp's 2024 call for speakers is now open
and you're invited to submit session ideas.

Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp is always looking to showcase the very best insights and practices in taxonomy and related work. We welcome contributions from taxonomy practitioners, content strategists, technologists, knowledge engineers, researchers, developers, information architects, product managers, and more. And, while taxonomies are at the heart of our annual virtual series, we cover a vast range of topics around knowledge and information management too.

We're including below just a few of the topics our audience has asked to hear more about, but feel free to submit your own ideas too.

Taxonomies for Large Language Models (LLMs), AI
Ontologies and knowledge graphs
Case studies, success stories, ‘lessons learned’ stories
Getting started case studies: obstacles/solutions, development plans, moving from basic to bigger, long term roadmaps.
Career stories eg getting started in taxonomy work; moving into taxonomies from another field
Use cases and problem-solving; innovative use cases eg voice, chatbots
Beginner and entry-level tips, insights and explainers
Sector and domain-specific taxonomies
Taxonomies for ecommerce, enterprise search, content management, digital asset management, data platforms
How taxonomies support/interact with UX, information architecture, content strategy
SharePoint and O365 metadata and taxonomies
Automatic classification with taxonomies
Tagging; adding metadata to content and data
Machine learning, entity extraction, text analytics, NLP 
Data and domain modelling; reference data; metadata models

Building taxonomies
Building taxonomies: Evaluating external taxonomies
Building taxonomies: Mapping and interoperability; combining or splitting taxonomies
Building taxonomies: Multilingual taxonomies
Building taxonomies: Design decisions about structure, style, display, granularity

Managing taxonomies
Managing taxonomies: Governance
Managing taxonomies: Maintenance
Managing taxonomies: Resourcing, teams or working solo
Managing taxonomies: Software; procuring, implementing, training, open-source or lower-cost options
Managing taxonomies: Working with stakeholders, subject matter experts, taggers. Working with non-specialist colleagues.
Managing taxonomies: Validation, testing, metrics
Managing taxonomies: Getting a taxonomy project going from scratch
Managing taxonomies: Demerging/merging taxonomies
Semantic applications and standards - Linked Data, RDF, SKOS, SHACL, SPARQL etc
Extending taxonomies into ontologies
Interactions between different kinds of knowledge models
Bias, terminology shifts, ethics, inclusivity, taxonomies supporting wider social goals such as sustainability
Demonstrating the value of taxonomies to specialists/non specialists

Whatever your experience, come and share it with our friendly and keen-to-learn audience of info professionals in one of three virtual events we have planned in 2024. Submit your ideas here before 31 December 2023. 
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