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Bridging Human Thinking and Machine Learning

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Deadline : April 29

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days. Many organizations are racing to understand how machine learning can help them find insights, solve problems and create new products. But thinking that we can just point an algorithm at content and magically extract knowledge belies the importance of human expertise and judgment in helping machines make sense of information.

Underpinning this rising wave of artificial intelligence is an equally important rise in the need for knowledge engineers who can help understand how users employ language, connect ideas and understand context. Taxonomists and ontologists have long played the role of translators from human to machine and are thus key players in the developing world of AI.

This year’s Taxonomy Boot Camp will explore how we can use our skills to help model and structure understanding to support technology. We will look at methodologies to better discover and codify how humans think, from user research techniques to knowledge modeling approaches. We will also look at how taxonomies and ontologies are being designed for use in “smart” applications.

Suggested Topics

Topics for Taxonomy Boot Camp include but are not limited to:

  • Taxonomy/ontology modeling and development best practices
  • Taxonomy governance, adoption and ROI
  • Techniques for maintaining taxonomies (analytics, testing, etc.)
  • Information architecture and user experience (navigation, content publishing, etc.)
  • Metadata modeling and management (role of taxonomy)
  • Text analytics and auto-classification
  • Taxonomy management/development software selection and use
  • User research & usability
  • Search & taxonomy
  • Implementation of taxonomies and metadata in specific content management applications (including DAM, CMS, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Taxonomy in AI and machine learning
  • Big data & business intelligence
  • Linked data, ontologies, semantic technology
  • Managing multi-lingual vocabularies

Presentation Formats

Taxonomy Boot Camp features three different presentation formats, including:

  • Short lectures (20 minutes) – big ideas in compact form
  • Full lectures (45 minutes) – complex idea with many examples, practical methods
  • Panel (45 minutes, 3-5 speakers) – moderated discussion or interlinked short presentations and Q&A

Advice for Presenters

We’re always on the lookout for new, fresh presenters – so don’t hesitate to submit! Here are some helpful tips on how to get your presentation selected.
Be specific
Don’t try to cover all things taxonomy in the space of 45 minutes (let alone 20!!), it’s too much. Writing up a submission is one thing, delivering it is another. Broad topics often come across as rushed and confused. Try to whittle your concept down to a small, tight idea and then submit that.

Teach them something they can use
This year’s theme is “Bridging Human Thinking and Machine Learning”, which means we’re looking for techniques, tools and concrete ideas that people can take home and apply to step up their taxonomy game. You might have some theoretical grounding you need to do for the talk to make sense, but keep the theory concise and make sure your takeaways are practical.

Give examples
We’re hot for case studies and visual examples of taxonomies in action. Be sure to mention what real-world examples you’ll be bringing to bear in your presentation.

Know your audience
Sharing insights about taxonomy is not about how clever you are, it’s about how clever you make your audience feel. Taxonomy Boot Camp caters to both novice and intermediate information management professionals, so make sure you tell us which group you’re targeting and match the tone and level of information.

To participate in Taxonomy Boot Camp 2018 as a possible speaker, please post your submission no later than April 29, 2018here

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