Taxonomy Boot Camp 2016 Presentations

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Opening Remarks
OPENING KEYNOTE: In Search of Taxonomical Weirdness
Taxonomies & Facet Analysis for Beginners
Patrick Lambe - 1015_Lambe.pdf
How Deep Is an Effective Taxonomy?
Ben Licciardi - 1300_Licciardi.pdf
Licciardi & Snyder - 1300_Licciardi.pptx
How Many Synonyms Should You Have?
Hedden & Magee - 1320_Hedden.pdf
Discover Thousands of Terms Using This One Weird Trick!
Bob Kasenchak - 1345_Kasenchak.pptx
A Practical, Sustainable Model for Governance
Explaining Taxonomy ROI: Lessons From the JSTOR Thesaurus
Jabin White - 1430_White.pptx
Ahren E Lehnert - 1515_Lehnert.pptx
Jeff Fried - 1515_Fried.pptx
Creating & Managing Taxonomies With Limited Staff
Sharon Garewal - 1615_Garewal(1).pptx
Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception
Walmart’s Universal Categories
Sean Lightholder - 1015_Lightholder.pdf
Building and Maintaining a Business-Oriented Knowledge Organization System at WSDOT
Everett & Bedford - 1045_Everett.pptx
Taxonomy to Improve Collaboration at Merck Product Lifecycle
Duckworth & Jenkins - 1115_Duckworth.pptx
Cognitive Meets Taxonomy
Effective Taxonomies after Migrations & Redesigns
David Hobbs - 1300_Hobbs.pdf
Migrating a Website to Ecommerce & Taxo in Drupal
Taxonomy Quality Assessment: Tools & Techniques
Andreas Blumauer - 1400_Blumauer.pdf
Knowledge Discovery With Applied Ontologies
James Morris - 1430_Morris.pptx
Annabel Snow - 1515_Snow.pptx
Tom Reamy - 1515_Reamy.ppt
Conducting Taxonomy Validation: Healthcare Example
Joseph A. Busch - 1615_Busch.pptx
Translating Medical Research for Patient Findability
Michael Panzer - 1635_Panzer.pptx
Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KEYNOTE: Hacking KM or How to Innovate!
Jeffrey Phillips - 0845_Phillips.pptx
KEYNOTE: Thinking & Searching Outside of the Box
Clarke & Nichani - 0945_Clarke.pdf
Vocab Design: Language Arts for the Lizard Brain
Andy Fitzgerald - 1045_Fitzgerald.pdf
Leveraging User Research for Taxonomy Design
Price & Barrett - 1115_Price(1).pdf
Taxonomy-Driven UX
Andreas Blumauer - 1145_Blumauer.pdf
Taxonomists Improving Data Science Effectiveness
Zach Wahl - 1345_Wahl.pdf
Ari Kramer - 1345_Kramer.pdf
Choosing Taxonomy & Auto-Classification Software
Monica Y Fulvio - 1445_Fulvio.pptx
Monica Y Fulvio - 1445_Fulvio.xlsx
Lila Lee - 1445_Lee.pdf
Linked Open Data
Clarke & Loh - 1615_Clarke.pdf