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Monday, November 6, 2017

Continental Breakfast & Learn! Taxonomy 101: Principles & Standards
Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote - The Netflix Taxonomy: A Human Face to Algorithmic Personalization
Taxonomy Workshop: Building Taxonomies in the Wild
Gary Carlson - 1015_Carlson.pdf
Attendee Luncheon Presentation: Intelligent Search for the Modern Workplace
Validation Techniques to Enhance Usability
White & Baquero-Cakici - 1300_White.pptx
Five Reasons Why Taxonomy Adoption Is Not Guaranteed
Lindy Roux - 1330_Roux.pdf
Taxo Fail: Learning From Terribly Scoped Taxonomy Projects
Patrick Lambe - 1400_Lambe.pdf
What Non-Taxonomy Geeks Need to Know
Theresa Putkey - 1430_Putkey.pdf
Taxonomy Governance
Mike Doane - 1515_Doane.pdf
Sonia Dwyer - 1515_Dwyer.PPTX
Applications of Taxonomy Design Best Practices
Mary Chitty - 1615_Chitty.pptx
Dan Segal - 1615_Segal.pdf
Emily Bulger - 1615_Bulger.pdf
Taxonomy In Action
Marc Shimpeno - 1015_Shimpeno.ppt
Marc Shimpeno - 1015_Shimpeno.pdf
Shaffer-Gant & Barnes - 1015_Shaffer-Gant.pptx
David Bender - 1015_Bender.pdf
David Bender - 1015_Bender(1).pdf
David Bender - 1015_Bender(2).pdf
David Bender - 1015_Bender.pptx
201 Taxonomy Service Startup: Developing Enterprise Capability at Comcast
Craig Carilla - 1300_Carilla.pptx
Architecting Taxo Systems: Designing to Support Evolution
Austin Govella - 1330_Govella.pdf
Leveraging Taxonomy Management With Machine Learning
Andreas Blumauer - 1400_Blumauer.pdf
Taxonomy & SEO Tactics
Joseph A. Busch - 1430_Busch.pdf
Taxonomy Harmonization
Jennifer Batt - 1515_Batt.pptx
Semantic Technology
Jim Sweeney - 1615_Sweeney.pptx
Daniel Mekonnen - 1615_Mekonnen.pptx

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Keynote - People & Tech: The Future of Knowledge Sharing!
Keynote - Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Powerhouse Showcase
Yonah Levenson - 1045_Levenson.pdf
Travis Hicks - 1045_Hicks.pptx
Taxonomy & AI
JP Ratajczak - 1345_Ratajczak.pdf
Tom Reamy - 1345_Reamy.ppt
Going Global!
Wagner & Timberlake - 1445_Wagner.pptx
Fulvio & Greenberg - 1445_Fulvio.pptx
Giving your Ontology the Cognitive Diet it Deserves
Ramona Pauna - 1600_Pauna.pptx
Stump the Taxonomist

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