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Taxonomy Boot Camp 2019 Presentations

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Opening Remarks
OPENING KEYNOTE: Building an Intelligent Foundation for Scalable Personalization
Taxonomy 101 Workshop
Defining & Pitching the Business Case for a Taxonomy
Patrick Lambe - 1300_Lambe.pdf
Framing Taxonomy Projects: On Heidegger & Motorbikes
Adopting an Existing Taxonomy
Managing Stakeholder Input: Cat Herding and Duck Rowing
Michele Ann Jenkins - 1430_Jenkins.pdf
Inside an Enterprise Taxonomy Shop
5 Essential Components of Taxonomy Governance
Erica Chao - 1545_Chao.pdf
Managing Taxonomy Tagging
Hedden & Casey - 1615_Hedden.pdf
Katherine Black - 1615_Black.pdf
Taxonomy Case Studies
Pauna, Lambert & Cotham - 1015_Pauna.pptx
Using Object Models to Supercharge Taxonomy Design
O'Neil & Royce - 1300_ONeil.pdf
Moving From Taxonomy to Ontology
Ben White - 1330_White.pptx
The Science of Taxonomy in Product Data Management
Chantal Schweizer - 1400_Schweizer.pptx
Raising the Profile of Taxonomy During Chaos
Helen Lippell - 1430_Lippell.pptx
The Knowledge Graph— The New Unknown Beast
Helmut Nagy - 1515_Nagy.pptx
Taxonomy-Driven Event Processing for Intelligent Customer Operations
Partnering with IT to Deploy Taxonomies
Levenson, Feldman, Murphy & Versaggi - 1615_Levenson.pptx

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

KEYNOTE: Knowledge Management in the Age of Smart Machines
KEYNOTE: Delivering Killer App Taxonomy Experience in SharePoint Office 365
KEYNOTE: Building the Knowledgeable Application with AI
Content Models & Taxonomies: BFFs
Carrie Hane - 1045_Hane.pdf
The Schema.org Web Vocabulary & Enterprise Taxonomies
Michael Andrews - 1115_Andrews.pptx
A Spring Without a Source
Ahren E Lehnert - 1145_Lehnert.pptx
Serendipity vs. Search: What Artificial Intelligence Can & Can’t Do
Taxonomy Frontiers
Mike Doane - 1345_Doane.pdf
Andy Fitzgerald - 1345_Fitzgerald.pdf
Taxonomy & Personalization
Arthur Patterson - 1445_Patterson.pdf
Jeffrey MacIntyre - 1445_MacIntyre(1).pdf
Stump the Taxonomist

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