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Emily Winks

Data Product Architect

Picture of Emily WinksAs a child, Emily's father would give her little riddles like: "If all robins are birds, are all birds robins?" to help her hone her deductive reasoning skills. Little did she know that in playing this fun game she was actually developing the skills to classify, generalize, define relationships, and eventually build taxonomies. A bachelors in English gave Emily a passion for words and their meaning, and after a master's in library science, her years spent as a children's librarian encouraged a practice of breaking down complex ideas for ever-questioning little minds. Five years ago, Emily left the library to join the corporate world.  She didn’t sing The Hokey Pokey (as often) but still put her whole self in as she navigated her new, challenging career as the only information architect in a company of thousands. In 2018, Emily attended her first Taxonomy Bootcamp, and found the community she was desperately in need of - to learn from, share ideas with, and debate whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich.

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