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Taxonomy Boot Camp 2022 Presentations

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Opening Remarks
Keynote: Design for Cognitive Bias: Using Mental Shortcuts for Good Instead of Evil
David Dylan Thomas - 0910_Thomas.pptx
Taxonomy 101 Workshop
Heather Hedden - 1015_Hedden.pdf
Observation to Insight: Interpreting Qualitative User Research for IA
Ingham & Long - 1300_Ingham.pdf
Developing Taxonomy Use Cases
Joseph A. Busch - 1330_Busch.pdf
Semantic Censorship
Heather Kotula - 1400_Kotula.pptx
Tagging & Quality Assurance: Human-Centered Best Practices
Melissa Knudtson - 1430_Knudtson.pptx
Developing a Successful Taxonomy Program
Paula Little - 1515_Little(1).pptx
Nairouz & Pettai - 1515_Nairouz.pdf
Designing Proof of Concepts: The Road to Building Buy-In for Semantics
Sonia Dwyer - 1615_Dwyer.pdf
Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception
Taxonomy Case Studies
Sarah Jacobson - 1015_Jacobson.pdf
Brian Provenzale - 1015_Provenzale.pptx
Maria Violeta Bertolini - 1015_Bertolini.pptx
Taxonomy & the Headless CMS
Andy Fitzgerald - 1300_Fitzgerald.pdf
Using Taxonomies to Train Named Entity Recognition Models
Andreas Blumauer - 1330_Blumauer.pdf
How Product Data Effects Search: MISUMI Case Study
Chantal Schweizer - 1400_Schweizer.pptx
Hierarchies, Meet Graphs
Ahren E Lehnert - 1430_Lehnert.pdf
Climbing the Ontology Mountain to Achieve a Successful Knowledge Graph
Cakici & Doughty - 1515_Cakici.pdf
Taxonomies & Search
Lambe & Molnar - 1615_Lambe.pdf
Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Welcome & Keynote: People Driving Knowledge Sharing: Sense- Making Frameworks, Tools, & Strategies
Keynote: Cross-Team Collaboration For Knowledge Discovery
Keynote: Thrive Despite The Great Resignation By Retaining And Delivering Knowledge Across The Enterprise
Keynote: Developing & Successfully Using Powerful Recommender Systems
Andreas Blumauer - 1000_Blumauer.pdf
When Taxonomy Met Ontology at Etsy
Shimpeno, Woodbury, Borrell & Pope - 1045_Shimpeno.pdf
Tags to Topics: Politico’s Automated Classification System
Valerie Miller - 1130_Miller.pptx
Shoestring Taxonomy: Limited Resources but Limitless Enthusiasm
Emily Winks - 1200_Winks.pptx
Taxonomy Breaking Down Silos
Hedden & Popky - 1345_Hedden.pdf
Rachael Maddison - 1345_Maddison.pdf
Taxonomy in the Age of Personalization
Stump the Taxonomist
Featuring These Co-Located Events