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Many speakers have posted their presentations or other session documentation for attendees to reference before, during, and after the conference. Speaker presentations are posted as speakers give us permission, so please be sure to check this page often for additions.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Opening Remarks
Keynote: Taxonomies & Ontologies in the New Age of AI
Dean Allemang - 0910_Allemang.pptx
Building Taxonomies: What a Difference Engagement Makes
Mary Katherine Barnes - 1300_Barnes.pdf
Big Data, Small Teams
Downs & Bowes - 1330_Downs.pdf
Taxonomy Roller Coasters: Techniques to Keep Stakeholders on the Ride
Vilches & Gray - 1400_Vilches.pptx
Tracing Terms: Designing a Term Lineage Process for Taxonomy Reorganization
Erik Lee - 1430_Lee.pptx
Health Check: Auditing & Improving Metadata & Taxonomy Quality
Michele Ann Jenkins - 1515_Jenkins.pdf
ASML’s Taxonomy Adventure
Cakici & Canter - 1615_Cakici.pptx
Grand Opening Reception in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Taxonomy Case Studies
Lambe & Srinivasan - 1015_Lambe.pdf
Joy Leonard - 1015_Leonard.pptx
Yonah Levenson - 1015_Levenson.pptx
Lemieux & McNally - 1015_Lemieux.pptx
A Knowledge Graph Is the Heart of Clinia’s Health Directory
Madi Weland Solomon - 1300_Solomon.pdf
In Taxonomy We Trust: Building Buy-In for Taxonomy Projects
Bonnie Griffin - Taxonomy Bootcamp Slides
Bonnie Griffin - 1330_Griffin.pptx
Challenges in Creating Taxonomies for Learning & Development
Hedden & Simpson - 1400_Hedden.pdf
Taxonomy & Ontology as Privacy-Enabling Technology
Downs & Vann - 1430_Downs.pdf
Machine Learning Is Coming for Your Taxonomy
Bob Kasenchak - 1515_Kasenchak.pptx
Vision for Modular Taxonomy Production at Elsevier
Wytze Vlietstra - 1615_Vlietstra.pptx
Grand Opening Reception in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Welcome & Opening Keynote: Tech-Driven Enterprise Thrills & Chills: The Future of Work
Keynote: Breakthrough Moments in Enterprise Taxonomy Management
Keynote: Capturing & Scaling Expert Knowledge with AI
Keynote: The Knowledge Foundation: Take GPT From Transformer to Transformation
Moving Information Across Boundaries: Information Theory in IA
Gary Carlson - 1100_Carlson.pdf
A Dynamic Ecosystem: Team-Based Ontology Development in the Newsroom
5 Problems a Taxonomy Can’t Solve But Might Get Blamed For
Joyce van Aalten - 1215_van_Aalten.pptx
ChatGPT, Taxonomist: Opportunities & Challenges in AI-Assisted Taxonomy Development
Xia Lin - 1345_Lin.pptx
Kotula & Hlava - 1345_Kotula.pptx
Parachuting In: Integrating Taxonomy Experts at Vinted
Lapin & Horan - 1445_Lapin(1).pdf
Taxonomy Showdown—Point/Counterpoint With Taxonomy Experts
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
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