Enterprise Solutions Showcase

The Enterprise Solutions Showcase will feature the top companies in the KM, CM, search, taxonomy, and intranets marketplace, offering attendees an opportunity to explore all of the latest in product and service solutions. If you are looking for a particular product, evaluating competing systems, or keeping up with the latest trends and developments, be sure to visit the Enterprise Solutions Showcase which will be open during the following hours:

Monday, November 18 | 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 19 | 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Networking Happy Hour 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 20 | 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Diamond Sponsors

Booth 201

Coveo powers the digital experiences of the world’s most innovative brands serving millions of people and billions of interactions across every digital experience. After a decade of enriching our market-leading platform with forward-thinking global enterprises, we know what it takes to gain a trusted AI-experience advantage.

We strongly believe that the future is business-to-person, that experience is today’s competitive front line, a make or break for every business.

For enterprises to achieve this AI-experience advantage at scale, it is imperative to have an Enterprise Spinal and composable ability to deliver AI semantic search and generative experiences at each customer and employee interaction.

Our single SaaS AI platform and robust suite of AI & GenAI models are designed to transform the total experience from CX to EX across websites, ecommerce, service, and workplace. Powering individualized, trusted, and connected experiences across every interaction to delight customers and augment employees, and drive superior business outcomes.

Our platform is certified ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant, SOC2 compliant, and 99.999% SLA resilient. We are a Salesforce Summit ISV Partner, an SAP? Endorsed App, and an Adobe Gold Partner.

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Infused with AI and analytics, eGain Knowledge Hub improves customer experience and reduces cost of service with virtual assistance, self-service, and modern agent desktop tools. Visit www.eGain.com for more info.

Booth 209

M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture, embedded workflow engine, and advanced artificial intelligence. This enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and automate security and compliance. For more information, visit  M-Files | Document Management Platform

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Nice Systems Inc.

With NICE (Nasdaq: NICE), it's never been easier for organizations of all sizes around the globe to create extraordinary customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. Featuring the world's #1 cloud native customer experience platform, CXone, NICE is a worldwide leader in AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software for the contact center – and beyond. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, partner with NICE to transform - and elevate - every customer interaction. www.nice.com

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Pryon Incorporated

Pryon turns vast quantities of critical, fragmented, and rapidly-changing content into accurate, timely, and verifiable answers via the world's first enterprise-grade Knowledge AI Platform. Using best-in-class retrieval technology, Pryon securely extracts answers from all forms of content, including audio, images, text, and video, stored in a myriad of sources. Pryon’s Knowledge AI platform is intuitive to use, is accessible via API from any system, and can be deployed in a matter of weeks in the cloud or on-premises. Created by the AI pioneers instrumental in developing Alexa, Siri, and Watson, Pryon is trusted by leading enterprises such as Dell, NVIDIA, Westinghouse, and World Economic Forum. By reducing the distance between people and answers, Pryon builds high-performing, resilient, and responsive organizations.

Booth 200

Sinequa transforms how work gets done. Sinequa’s Assistants augment your company by augmenting employees with a knowledgeable, accurate, secure work partner so they are more effective, more informed, more productive, and less stressed. Best of all, Sinequa Assistants streamline workflows and automatically navigate the chaotic enterprise information landscape, so that employees can skip the grind and focus on doing the kind of work that makes the most impact. Sinequa’s Assistants achieve this by combining the power of comprehensive enterprise search with the ease of generative AI in a configurable and easily managed Assistant framework, for an accurate, traceable, and fully secure conversational experience. Deploy an out-of-the-box Assistant or configure a tailored experience and specialized workflow to augment your people and your company. For more information, visit www.sinequa.com.

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Sugarwork empowers companies to ascertain and maintain their operational intellectual property. Sugarwork is an intuitive knowledge sharing tech platform that enables organizations to scale expert knowledge across their organizations. It deploys a guided and AI-driven process through which experts contribute their institutional knowledge to a shared resource. Its AI creates rich summaries and extracts key insights that are easily shareable and searchable.

Booth 300
Swirl Metasearch

SWIRL AI Connect is advanced AI infrastructure software that serves as a centralized hub. It securely integrates LLMs (Language Models) and data from various sources, including generative AI, databases, applications, external APIs, and more. SWIRL AI Connect enables real-time data exchange across applications, including LLMs and AIs, ultimately transforming information into actionable outcomes.

Booth 301
Synaptica, LLC

Synaptica provides award-winning taxonomy, ontology, knowledge graph software combined with professional service solutions. Synaptica helps people to organize, categorize and discover enterprise knowledge.

Graphite: Create enterprise taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs with ease.

Graphite Knowledge Studio: Automate semantic tagging and auto-categorization of enterprise content.

Professional Services: Synaptica provides a broad range of services to complement our award-winning enterprise software.

Booth 109
Upland BA Insight

Upland BA Insight leverages AI technology to deliver a web-like advanced search experience with results that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. The connector-based technology works with enterprises, customer portals, and web sites, turning searches into actionable insights, regardless of where content or users reside.

Booth 109
Upland Right Answers

Upland RightAnswers is the complete connected knowledge management solution that uses AI and machine learning to improve the user and customer experience by enabling organizations to create a trusted knowledge sharing culture.

Booth 401

Verint Knowledge Management™ is a market leading solution that drives superior customer experiences through AI and CX automation.  Leveraging Verint’s Open CCaaS platform, powered by Da Vinci AI, Verint KM connects your company, customers, and applications with personalized, relevant knowledge. Verint Knowledge Management can deliver accurate, compliant, and consistent answers in real time at multiple customer engagement touchpoints. Robust, intuitive Engagement Insights empower your workforce to become more effective as you quickly identify new knowledge and expand intelligence across regions and locations.  CX Automation with Verint KM empowers the distributed workforce and expands where and how knowledge assets can be effectively delivered.

Gold Sponsor

Booth 107
Access Innovations, Inc.

Everyone is looking at AI. Like everyone else you probably have had mixed results.  The main issue is that data science has not changed, and content is complex and needs more attention to get the most out of the new AI engines. Garbage in, garbage out; but on a new level. Access Innovations knows information science.  We also know AI and are uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of AI engines. We use various techniques to enhance your data and train focused language models so that you get better results. Come ask us how.


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